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The FXNow app is available across all devices, the Android, iOS and even Windows. For those who are constantly traveling, the FXNow app is extremely beneficial.You get access to all the three FX networks. Finally, you get a choice of TV shows and movies that are aired everyday on TV. There are some app extras that users can avail of, as well.

The FXNOW app is absolutely free if you have a subscription to FX and subsequently to FX NOW.

FXNow app

FXNow app

FXNOW App for Windows

  • Users can reach out to the Windows Store to obtain access to the FXNOW app
  • All devices equipped with the Windows 10 operating system can download it
  • The app also allows effective integration with Cortana letting you easily launch the app and pinning it to the task bar as well
  • The Start menu on the operating system will even highlight the featured shows
  • Besides, the app is scalable and comes with a responsive layout allowing adaption to any screen size
  • With the app, FXNOW streaming services will be made available on your phones, tablets and Windows 10 PCs

Windows mobile device

  • Click on the ‘Store’ button from the ‘Start’ menu on your Windows mobile device
  • Thereafter, look for the FXNOW App and tap / click on it
  • It will ask you to ‘Install’ – give the appropriate permissions and start streaming all the unlocked content

FXNow app for Android

  • You can download the FXNOW app from the Play Store on your Android
  • Go to the Play Store and then look for the app from the ‘Search’ field
  • Thereafter, click on it to ‘Install’ and then open the app

Streaming issues with the FXNOW App

  • On the Android, you could face issues such as video not loading, or for some reason, the app crashes
  • At the time, first, test your internet connection by launching other apps on the device
  • If all of the other apps are not working as well, then you must recheck your Wi-Fi
  • Alternatively,you may want to examine the speed of your internet connection if the problem is only with this single app

Check the Speed and version

  • Conduct a speed test – to verify if your internet connection is indeed strong enough to play the media files that you wish to
  • You can either go to speedof.me or speedtest.net – Press on the ‘Start Test’ or the ‘Go’ button, respectively
  • If you think that the speed is of your connection is above par, then check if the Android version is updated
  • For updating the app, you just have to power off, wait for 30 seconds and then power on your device

Reinstall the app

  • If nothing resolves the issue then uninstall and then apply the re installation process once again
  • Settings -> Apps -> FOXNOW -> Uninstall should remove the device from your system
  • To reinstall, simply visit the play store again and perform the installation process

For inquiries pertaining to the FXNOW App call our experts @ +1-866-269-1960 for a consultation or visit fxnetworks.com/activate. You will receive comprehensive advice on any issues pertaining to the app.

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