FX Networks Activate XBOX 360 For Watch Your Favorite Programs

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FX Networks Activate XBOX 360

About FX Now on Xbox

Gain access to hit comedies, blockbusters and some fantastic critically-acclaimed dramas with FX Networks Activate Xbox 360. The experience is impeccable while you also additionally get full episodes and original content from three places FXM, FXX and FX.  Kinect’s built-in voice and gesture controls seamlessly integrate during easy and smooth channel navigation. To watch the channel on Xbox there are certain app requirements that you have to fulfill first. Thereafter you just have to download the app and sign in with the provider’s credentials to watch FX Now. Once you get the account, you can also manage it and even set controlled ‘Family Settings’ to access content.

FX Networks Activate XBOX 360

FX Networks Activate XBOX 360

Requirements to feature FX Now

Some requirements on the Xbox to watch FX Now are a Live Account on the device with 138 MB space availability. You must also possess the credentials for an approved provider. Sign in with your Xbox Live-enabled Gamertag on your console. Then select ‘Browse Apps’ or’ Search Apps’ from the ‘Apps’ tab. Here, you may have to locate ‘FX Now’. To download and install the app simply select FXNOW. You can browse through and view details about the available content after you have downloaded the app. It starts automatically after download.

TV provider sign in

Sign in with the TV provider you should go to Apps -> My Apps and then click on -> FX Now. You will see the ‘Activate Device’ screen when you start the FX Now app for the first time. From here, to begin you have to select ‘Activate’. An activation code is seen on the next screen. Go to fxnetworks.com/activate and enter the activation code from your Xbox 360, in a browser on an Internet-enabled device. Then sign in with your TV provider account when you are prompted to choose your TV provider. A ‘Sign in completed’ screen will appear once you have signed into the provider’s account. Then a ‘Congratulations’ message will appear on your Xbox 360 device. Click on ‘Continue’ to watch programming on FX Now.

Watch some featured programming on FX Now

After you select FX Now, you have to go to the ‘Featured’ where you can choose the content that you wish to view. From here, you can also select other hubs such as Live TV, Movies, Shows, etc. You can access the FX NOW schedule and change your time zone, from the Live TV option. Select ‘Play’ to choose something to watch.

Un-associating from the console

From your FX NOW account, you can also un-associate your console. Go to ‘Settings’ and select the TV Provider to un-associate your console from your FX NOW account. Unlink your FX NOW account from your Xbox 360 console by following instructions that you see on the screen.

Managing the account

Sign in with your FX NOW account information from a browser on an Internet-enabled device by visiting fxnetworks.com/login where you can manage your FX Now Account.

Family settings

To control access to the content you can use the ‘Family’ settings. The FXNOW app will follow those settings when you use them to control which movies and TV shows can be watched through Xbox Live on your console. Programs will be marked with a “restricted” icon in the FX NOW app if you prohibit viewing of R-rated movies or TV-MA-rated TV shows. An adult must enter the Family Settings pass code to play a restricted item.

4K and HDR troubleshooting on Xbox One

Here are some things to try, if the Xbox and TV should support 4K and HDR but aren’t working as expected. You must ensure that your Xbox and TV should be 4k-capable before you enter any troubleshooting modules.  Also, check the Xbox model and verify that it is ‘360’. A sticker should indicate the model, on the back of your console, at right, near the network port. Check for one underneath the console if that sticker is missing. Eject any disc and turn it off before turning your Xbox over. Refer to the packaging or manual for your TV to ensure that you have a 4K TV. Since different phrases and names are used by manufacturers you can look for:

  •    4K and 4K Ultra HD
  •    UHD and UHD 4K
  •    SUHD TV
  •    Ultra HD and Ultra UDTV
  •    2160p

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