Simple Steps To Activate FX Network on FireTV

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Activate FX Networks on FireTV

Add the FX Now app to activate FX Networks on FireTV. Sometime in 2015, the FX Now app was made available on Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick. This provided users all round access of every channel encompassed within FX Networks namely FXM, FXX and FX. One of the most distinctive features of the app is its dedicated section to ‘The Simpsons’. You will still require a cable subscription to get content from FX Now.

FX Networks on FireTV

FX Networks on FireTV

Before to activate any of the apps on the Fire TV, you have to first set it up and then access a subscription.


  • Some of the main pre-requisites to the setup of the device are an internet connection, a compatible TV and an Amazon account.
  • All High Definition and Ultra High Definition TVs come with multiple HDMI ports
  • With an account present on Amazon you are assured of notifications pertaining to the device, along with access to software updates, functionality and features.

Setup of the Fire TV device

  • To get FX Network activation on FireTV, you will need a power adapter, the TV, the streaming device and all the connecting cables.

Note: It is always recommended to use the accessories that arrive with your package to ensure a smooth and seamless setup process.  Even if you have access to a USB port for powering up your device, it is advisable to use a direct wall outlet power source for uninterrupted power.

  • Check and identify the micro USB port on your Fire TV device to attach the adapter.Recognize the compatible end on the adapter and plug it in. The other side of the cable I meant to be inserted into a wall outlet.
  • Then, identify the HDMI port at the back or the side of the TV and plug the Fire TV into it
  • You must remember the name of the port as well, because you have to navigate to it on the TV screen, when prompted
  • Now, while selecting the input channel, select exactly the same input that you plugged the Fire TV into
  • The Amazon Fire TV stick picture along with a loading screen appears on the TV

Remote controller

  • Look for an arrow on the back of the remote. Use both your thumbs to apply pressure on it and push it upwards
  • It will open to reveal a small compartment
  • Place the batteries you received with the packaging into them; check orientation carefully when you put t them in
  • Slide the cover down into its place
  • After you have placed the batteries, you must pair the device
  • If the controller does not pair immediately, you can also use the ‘Discovery Mode’. This is available from the Home screen of the device to complete the process

Internet connection

  • You more or less have to follow whatever instructions you see on the screen to connect the device to the internet
  • Going further, choose to save your password to securely connect your device with Amazon instantly.

The FXNetwork activate FireTV also comes with premier home entertainment technology.

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